Living with Predators Resource Guides


2013 Editions Now Available

As the human population increases and expands further into wild areas, numbers of human-wildlife encounters also increase. As a result Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP), other state and federal wildlife management agencies, and non-profit groups associated with wildlife issues receive increasing numbers of requests for information on sources of bear-resistant products and techniques for deterring predators. The Living With Predators Resource Guides were developed in cooperation with FWP's Living with Predators Project to help wildlife agency personnel respond to requests for this information.

The first edition of the guides was published in 2003 and was reviewed by a number of bear experts in the US and Canada. Every effort has been made to provide the most accurate and up-to date information possible, but this area of commerce has been growing rapidly. The guides will be updated periodically to reflect new products, and to update prices, vendor contact information, results of testing for bear resistance, and other important information.

▼ Available Guides are Listed Below ▼

Refuse Management

Techniques and Refuse Management Options for Residential Areas, Campgrounds, and Group-Use Facilities covers bear-resistant containers and other products and methods for securing and storing garbage, livestock feed, pet food and other attractants. The guide also contains information on methods for deterring predators from your property, including information about electric fencing, information on ways to scare predators from your property, information on bear-resistant refuse and recycling centers, and information on ways to reduce the volume of garbage that you generate and therefore have to secure.

(46MB .zip file)

Recreating Guide

The Recreating in Bear, Wolf and Mountain Lion Country Guide covers products and techniques which can be used while recreating in wild areas. Information about various types of bear-resistant backpacking containers for food and garbage storage, techniques for hanging your gear in the back country, portable electric fencing, outfitters' panniers, and a host of other information is included in this guide.

(18MB .zip file)

Electric Fencing Guide

The Electric Fencing Guide contains information about electric fencing designs that can be used to help deter predators, including bears, mountain lions and wolves.

(50MB .zip file)

Predator Behavior and Modification Tools

Predator Behavior and Modification Tools contains information for wildlife professionals who deal with predator conflicts. The guide contains information on tools and methods for deterring predators, as well as for trapping and aversively conditioning predators when necessary.

Wildlife professionals who are interested in this guide should contact Patti Sowka via email or at 406-544-5307.