Avoiding Conflicts with Bobcats


Bobcats (Lynx rufus) are small, wild cats with short tails, and are slightly larger than your average house cat (they weigh 15-35 pounds). Despite their small size, bobcats can be feisty and dangerous. The following tips will help reduce potential conflicts with bobcats.

  • Keep cats inside if possible.
  • Plants that attract rabbits and rodents may result in attracting bobcats to your property as well.
  • Walled subdivisions that get frequent bobcat visitors might consider installing an electric fence around the wall of the subdivision to discourage bobcats.
  • Bobcats can become rabid and are especially bold and aggressive when they are rabid. Animals that appear sickly or aggressive should be reported to the local game department immediately.
  • Keep your pets vaccinations up-to-date - this will help ensure that they won't contact any disease if they do happen to come in contact with a sick bobcat.